Team Building - Image your team working together toward a common goal. 
Learn how to work together with greater appreciation, respect, harmony, and success.

Reception Connection: Essential Skills for Front Desk Staff Certification Program
As the first and last contact point for your customers, the image the front desk team projects is a direct reflection of your organization. This six-hour training communicates how to manage the information hub of the business. Includes communication skills, people skills, personal attitude, and how to make a lasting impression on customers.

Is Your Business Referral Worthy? - Referrals are the most powerful way to build a loyal business following. To increase your chances of getting more referrals you’ve got to go beyond simply giving good service. Discover practical tips to generate more referrals, inspire viral marketing, and turn referrals into long-term customers.

Front Desk Success: 
​Building Your Business from the Front Desk

Your front desk team is instrumental to your success and has the power to increase the productivity of your business. Learn practical ways to turn your front desk into a growth driver to increase sales, impact customer loyalty, and contribute to the success of your business.

Cultural Synergy - The culture, or personality of your business, can make the difference between surviving and thriving. Learn how to work together to appreciate individual differences, handle difficult situations, and create a fun cooperative work environment.

Create a Mission, Vision, and Core Values Statement (Team or personal) - How do you know you have arrived if you don't know what your success looks like?

Client Connections - Increasing client retention is the most powerfulway to increase your business. Learn how strong one-on-one customers relationships, how to gain rapport and trust, and how to communicate to increase loyalty and retention.

Business Trends Workshop - What is the future of your business? You don't need a crystal ball if you study business trends. In this workshop we’ll evaluate current and future trends, what the trends mean to your business, and explore your company's future opportunities.

Build and Maintain a Clientele - It takes five times more money to attract new customers than it does to retain them.
Learn about relationship marketing and how to turn your customers into your best marketing strategy.

Through her training programs, Jill D Miller can

help you and your staff increase productivity, work together more effectively, and have better relationships with your customers.
It’s easy to give your team the skills they need to compete.

Select one or more of the Creative Solutions classes or have one created specifically for your needs. All classes are interactive, allowing participants to discover new ideas and create applicable strategies.

​Training materials are provided with each seminar as a reference guide. 

Let's build a

better business together!




Superior Service - Customer service is more important than ever for attracting and keeping a strong customer base. Learn critical factors for success, the customer's point of view, and develop strategies to retain more customers.

Treasure Hunt - Embark on a fun learning journey to uncover the true secrets of how to be more successful in your career. In this seminar Interactive teams find clues and solve exercises to uncover the treasures of self-development, business building, and teamwork. (This is a 4-hour class)