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A quick quiz for business owners:


What is your most important source of capital?

A.  Your bank loan

B.  Your personal savings

C.  Your investors

D.  Your employees


If you answered “D,” you are on the right track to a successful business!


All companies need capital, and a healthy cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. However, too few owners realize that to keep the money coming in they must deliver excellence in customer sales and service, meeting consumers’ needs in unexpected and unique ways.


Your employees can make or break your business


In today’s knowledge-based economy, it’s more important than ever to make sure your staff has the skills, abilities and motivation to move your business forward.


Investing in a systematic approach to training and development of your human capital is the best way to achieve organizational growth and long-lasting change.


Don’t wait for special occasions or look for a quick fix when you have a business crisis. Make development of an inspired, involved work force a priority in your business.


Through her training programs, Jill Miller can help your staff increase productivity, work together more effectively, and have better relationships with your customers.

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Looking for a speaker or emcee for your group or event?
Contact Jill D. Miller at 316-841-8927.

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